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"I loved the freshness, originality, and above all the humor of your performance. You should have a series of your own."
- Roger Ordish, producer of Paul Daniels' "Secrets", BBC Television

You can use Jack to:
a. Attract a crowd.
b. Wake up a tired audience and get people's attention.
c. Deliver a customized message in a highly entertaining way.
d. Provide a full evening of variety entertainment.

e. All of the above.

In addition to his many amazing and hilarious talents,
Jack is also a master of incorporating audience members into his act, and making them the stars of the show.

His performances are guaranteed to be clean, professional, and suitable for any audience.

Here's just a few of Jack's original routines, featuring big laughs, spectacular stunts, and friendly audience participation:

Drawing a volunteer's portrait while juggling at the same time.
...Even Picasso could not do that!

Juggling flaming torches after the death-defying jump start.

The World's Only Trained Slinkys! (click for more info)

The biggest juggling trick of all time!

Turning an audience member into a ball-spinning star.

Juggling while handcuffed behind his back! ... a feat unmatched, even by the great Houdini!

Low ceiling? No problem.

Hilarious stunt on a six-foot unicycle.


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