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"The American... Jack Kalvan has been kissed by the muse of juggling.
A lot of talent, artistry and surprises."
- Wintergarten Variete, Berlin


Unlike most jugglers, Jack earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University. He quit his job in robotics at IBM Research to follow his dream of showing off and making people laugh.

Since the age of 12, Jack has spent thousands and thousands of hours practicing juggling and other circus skills. And he's happy to show off what he learned. Jack has amazed audiences around the world with his unique mix of odd skills, performing more than 3,000 shows in over 200 cities. From street performing to performing arts theaters and corporate motivational speaking. From the White House in Washington, DC to the Wintergarten in Berlin to Cirque du Soleil. Cruise ships, fairs, casinos, television and movies... Jack has done it all.

TV appearances include: The Tonight Show, Conan, The Drew Carey Show, NCIS, and Days of our Lives. Movie credits include: Alice in Wonderland, Water for Elephants, and Coyote Ugly.

Well respected in the juggling community for his skill and creative innovation, Jack has won several gold medals and even set some world records. In 2006, Jack co-created and produced the Extreme Juggling Competition, to help promote the creativity and excitement of juggling.

Jack currently enjoys performing with his wife, Jeri, also a talented juggler and acrobat. They are based in Los Angeles.